The Place


As I hear, hear what I expect
A quietness that benevolent hands have woven around the sorrow
The arrival to the fold of the subdued ideas
Leaving to the world the drooling and envy
A landing point at the heart of the trial
Matured, matured during the long distance journey
In the hold of my patience

I know this accomplished
Of so many hours maybe the end

Resounding for so many years
In the timber of importance
The paltry is elsewhere
Here the voids are made up, here, only the presence
Of the one who has seen through me and still wants me
Taken on the thread of age and amused

I'm definitely here
Without hesitation
After weighing the evidence
A fetter that will never succumb to the bite of any time
That keeps me tied up to my old sacred vow
The incorruptible contents of such a bond

The unique. The indomitable

April 2016